Employees Health & Safety

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Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

APCO regard its employees’ health & safety as a key priority with continuous improvements in safety measures through campaigns, trainings and seminars. It is committed to provide a safe workplace and comply with safety standards, rules and regulations of Jordan.

APCO has prepared a world class housing facility on site with catering and recreational facilities for up to 650 employees in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. There is also a medical clinic with full-time qualified medical team of doctors & nurses equipped with basic medical facilities on site.
APCO also provides daily shuttle bus services for employees not living on the site from Amman, Irbid and Karak.

The Jordan Civil Defense Department has been engaged to provide ambulance and fire trucks services for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest hospital support and manage fire incidents.
APCO has also engaged the Gendarmerie to provide overall site security.
The Attarat Project has achieved over 10 million manhours with no Loss Time Injury (as at 31 December 2019).

Project HSE Activities:

Firefighting drill at the Warehouse Area

Emergency response resources in place

Traffic Management Plan established

At mine, all edges ate protected with Protection “Safety Berms”

Fall protection strictly implemented

Scaffold inspection and tagging procedure applied

Falling objects protection applied

Temporary aircraft warning lights installed on high structures

Confined Space Rescue Procedure applied

Set proper Hazardous substance storage areas at mine

Hot work safety program

Heavy lifting safety procedure activated

Blasting vibration monitoring and control in place

Excavation safety measures implemented